Unified for Global Healing in the Huffington Post

Our team arrived in Haiti on the six-month anniversary of the earthquake, which was also the same day that the government ended it's mandate that all health care be provided free of charge. The hospital we are volunteering at, L'Hopital Adventiste d'Haiti, is one of the many hospitals that started charging in order to avoid bankruptcy. This article in the Huffington Post talks about this transition, and how our team is helping to manage it. Props to Doctors Sandra Scott, Juliet Hwang, Seema Tiku, Thea James and Raja Brahmbhatt for helping to save the life of the 28-week premature baby on the night we toured the hospital. Since then, our team has tirelessly treated an average of 80 patients a day, according to our head of research, Dr. Khalid ElHussein.

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