These are two letters that our community arts team received on their last day at Hopital Adventiste d'Haiti, both from Cadet Williams, a quiet teenager who was a regular participant in the activities. While he was always engrossed in the art projects, he had a somewhat limited affect and didn't talk much, making the letters an all the more moving reveal of his internal thoughts. One of our team members, Michelson Dorime, an EMT and pre-med student who was born in Haiti and speaks fluent Creole, provided the translation.

The top note says:
Today, I take the occasion to say thank you to you. I say thank you, for the photos you took for us. I say thank you because you thought of Haiti, you left your activities in your country in order to come help us.

Unfortunately I do not have anything [tangible] to give you in return as a gift. But the gift I would like to give you is Jesus. Take Jesus (with you) because the world is going to end. -- Cadet Williams, Thank you

The bottom note says:
Today, I feel happy to write you to tell you thank you. I say thank you for the beautiful games that you showed us and thank you because you thought of Haiti and all the children. I salute all the children that are living in the USA country. -- Cadet Williams, Thank you

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