The Huffington Post features our community arts program

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Our community arts program is what separates us from other medical non-profits. Along with 17 doctors and nurses, we brought five teachers and social workers with us to Haiti do arts programming with the children at the hospital and two nearby orphanages. The children LOVED it. This article in The Huffington Post talks about our community arts program, and how the Haitian children's incredible resilience and spirit really shined through during play. You can also learn more detail about our community arts program by reading Maureen Mahoney-Barraclough's blog post and two posts by Susan D’Aloia, our community arts section leader. The arts and social work component of Unified for Global Healing was the vision of our executive director and co-founder, Zola Bruce, who was inspired to start the organization in 2005 after volunteering in Haiti with doctors Sandy Scott and Thea James. Scott and James, our other two co-founders, had been traveling to Haiti on medical missions for 11 years prior. As Dotti Vojak, an emergency room nurse who volunteered with us on this trip, put it at dinner on evening, "Healing peoples' wounds, that's just part of it. Hearing the kids laughing in the other room, that's what it's all about."
Photograph by Tamara Fitzpatrick

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